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Monday, December 20, 2010
Mooseheart News
MOOSEHEART... what a beautiful time of the year. Early December we took two more girls, sponsored by Iowa Falls Lodge, to Mooseheart. One was in 3rd and one in 8th grade. It is the opportunity they need. Thank you for continuing to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
We returned a week later to again look at the lights, attend the Christmas concert, and spending time with the kids.
The Christmas concert was superb.. a few notes... There are 35 new instruments that were purchased by grants written by Mr. Schmitt. 25 of the 58 band members are first year players, but you wouldn't know it. The concert was preceded by 14 of the newest members. The MH choir has doubled this year. Mooseheart started the year with 150, 5 - 12 grade students... 80 of them performed Thursday.
Graduation is June 3, 5th and 8th grades.... June 4 for the Seniors. This is the week following Memorial Day. Mark your calendars. Remember Iowa/E. Nebraska Days in October.
Do you know what is an awesome sight? Dusk, snow covered ground, the light displays, a dozen deer roaming between the lights and houses, and the geese flying overhead!!! That is Mooseheart!
Birthdays: Send cards to student at Mooseheart, Il 60539
Allison Nicholson, sponsored by Burlington 1/28
Peterenne Mator, sponsored by Capital City 1/21
Julius Perez, sponsored by Iowa City 2/20
There are many kids who need Mooseheart. Help them by contacting Mooseheart Admissions, or us. Thanks
Lloyd and Rae Chabal, Mooseheart/ Moosehaven Marketing
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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